Regulations of track use for kart owners


The track for kart owners is always at least 550 meters; and whenever possible a full 1140 meters. It is open every day, all year long from 9:30a.m. to 6 p.m. (and in the evenings during Summer), with the exception of special events, such as competitions. From november until march, Fun Kart is closed on Monday and Tuesday.


Usage of the track requires that drivers:

  • Possess a valid Drivers License (issued by the clubs or "ASK") or a Day License which can be purchased anytime at Fun Kart
  • Pay the full rental fees for the tracks

License Rates

Pilot National NCCK 220 euros/year 13 years old Medical certification required
Initiation Minikart NECCMKK 105 euros/year 7 to 10 years old Parental authorization required
Initiation Minimes-Cadets NECCMCK 120 euros 9 to 11 years old Parental authorization required
Initiation NECCJSK 140 euros 13 years old Medical certification required
Day License TPNEJK 22 euros 7 years old


License rates are established independently of Fun Kart and can vary significantly depending of the club that grants the license.

info on track fees at Fun Kart info on licences at Fun-Kart


Track Fees


The Annual Track Pass is valid from the date of purchase until December 31st of the same year. The Annual Pass gives you the right to use the track according to the schedule specified above. The Annual Pass is per person and not per kart.

Annual Fee 340 euros
Annual Fee for other drivers using the same kart 170 euros
Annual Fee for Children 135 euros
Half-year Fee (July 1 and after) 235 euros
Half-year Fee for other drivers 119 euros



You can also purchase a Daily Pass to use the track for a single day.

Daily Track Fee for Weekends and National Holidays 35 euros
Second driver/same kart 26 euros
Weekdays 26 euros
Second driver/same kart 18.50 euros
Daily Fee for Children 18.50 euros

Children under 10 must use child tracks.


Rules of the track

  • The rotation of karts is clockwise.
  • Drivers must be equipped with a minimum of a full face helmet and a racing suit.
  • If necessary, the staff can indicate a driver’s last tour by waving a black and white flag.
  • The kart must have a spoiler. The engine should be no more than 125cc and conform with FFSA regulations.
  • Children younger than 10 years old may not drive a kart of more than 60cc, may drive only on the 350-meter or Children’s track, and must remain within the standard limits of that track.
  • Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • The Track Director reserves the right to expel any driver – temporarily or permanently with no refund – who does not conform to these regulations, the worst offense being non-possession of a license.


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